• WEEKDAY LUNCH 【Menu will change at first half and latter half of month】

    • Today's buster

      1,000 yen

      Chef's special daily changing pasta!

    • Vongole Bianco or Rosso

      1200 yen

      You are making clams in clams with clams! Tomato base Rosso or clam soup birch based bianco, you can enjoy it either day.

    • Today's bowl

      1,000 yen

      Please enjoy popular bowls such as licking rice with daily ♪

    • Today's stone-cooked rice

      1,100 yen

      This week's stone - roasted rice is "Seafood Doria style stone - roasted rice" ___ ___ 0

    • Matsusaka pork steak ~ Ginger honey sauce


      Brand pork Matsusaka pig boasts of Mie prefecture! ♪ good fat can melt in your mouth ♪

    • Sirloin steak ~ Japanese style sharia pin sauce ~


      We also prepared a Gutsuri Steak! Let's do your best in the afternoon powerfully with meat power ♪